How Long Does It Take to Donate Eggs?

Our Tennessee egg donor agency is often asked – how long does it take to donate eggs?

The entire process usually takes 4-6 weeks and begins right here.

Getting to know you. We invite you to start the process to be a donor by completing a brief questionnaire  that will qualify you to pursue becoming an egg donor.

Giving you the reassurances of a medical and psychological check-up. Our egg donors can feel good about their health status after receiving personalized care, testing results and even state-of-the-art genetic screening.

Starting egg stimulation. Once you have been advised by a legal expert and the paperwork is complete, the Ovation Fertility team will begin closely monitoring you in the weeks leading up to egg retrieval. Rest assured that we are experts in hand-holding!

Completing egg donation. After egg retrieval, which is a short 20-minute procedure, we will know the results of your cycle. An anonymous donor profile gives you an opportunity to share with intended parents the unique traits and characteristics you are so generously offering with your gift.

Compensating our donors. Ovation Fertility provides our egg donors with a check, mailed the day after the egg retrieval, ranging from $4,000 to $6,000.

We are grateful for your time, dedication and efforts as an egg donor, and hope that the experience is fulfilling and positive for you.

You can feel confident in your decision to pursue egg donation with Ovation Fertility. Please contact us to learn how the incredible experience of becoming an egg donor can make a forever difference for infertile individuals and couples.

Get started with egg donation today!